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  • Southern Stories of Handicrafts – Nagercoil and Kanyakumari


    The Forgotten Devadasis of the Chettiyars…. Once upon a time, in the temples of the rich Chettiyar kingdom there thrived the Devadasis – these beautiful women with immense talent in the field of dancing, music and other arts were dedicated to pleasing the Gods through their performances in the temple courtyards. The kings valued their talent, dedication, devotion and […]

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  • Brahmaputra’s Kaziranga

    Greater One Horned Rhinoceros

    Wildlife can thrive beyond forest ecosystems. Different plants and animals are adapted to different habitat such as fresh as well as marine water, marshy lands, grasslands, alpines etc. Each habitat has its own beauty. We Indians are really very lucky to have almost all types of ecosystems and it is surely one of the many reasons […]