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  • Roadtrip to Belur Halebidu – Hoysaleswara Temple


    Our roadtrip from Bangalore started at Belur and ended at the Hoysaleswara temple of Halebidu. It is about 16 kms from Belur and 210 kms from Bangalore. We highly recommend visiting Halebidu temple to include in your “one day trip near Bangalore” list for its architectural magnificence. “Belur Ola Nodu, Halebidu Hora Nodu” This Kannada saying […]

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  • Roadtrip to Belur Halebid – Chennakeshava Temple


    Temples of South India epitomise its rich cultural heritage. South Indian rulers patronized art and architecture leaving behind legacy of magnificent structures, especially temples. Today, the temples are the best story-tellers of the bygone era through their sculptural exuberance. Belur and Halebid temples of Karnataka are fine examples of South Indian grandeur.  About 220 kilometers away from […]