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We are Ghumrs (travellers). We travel around the world and share our experiences with our readers. We hope our travelogues will entertain, inform and inspire our readers to travel. This travelogue is managed by Vivek Vishwas Vichare. Vivek is a travel enthusiast and amateur photographer. He has traveled extensively in India and outside India.

Ghumr is a open blog where we encourage people to share their experiences with others. Our major travel blog contributors include writers from diverse background – Shakuntala Mukherjee who runs her handicrafts venture, Gauri Gurav who is an environmentalist specializing in bio-diversity, Gaurav who is backpacker and amateur mountaineer and Bhargavi who along with her photographer husband likes to go on road-trips in United States.

Recently, we have ventured into Ghumr Events where we provide digital platform to Nature lovers to organize their events. Our recent Ghumr events in Mumbai area are nature walks to Sion Fort, Vasai Fort, Joseph Baptista Garden, Godrej Mangroves, Elephanta Island and Byculla Zoo Botanical Gardens.

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If you wish to become a Ghumr and share your travel experiences with others, please let us know.


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