Namdang house Kaziranga

//Namdang house Kaziranga

Namdang house Kaziranga

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Namdang house Kaziranga

Namdang House Kaziranga is a quaint, budget hotel located near the Kohora Main gate of Kaziranga National Park. During our visit to the National Park, we stayed at this hotel. Readers can read complete article here.

Location: Namdang House is near the Eastern Entrance of Kaziranga National Park. It is located in Kohora, Golaghat near the main entrance.

Service: The hotel offers decent service with home-made food. The rooms were clean and well-equipped. The management is local and most of the staff is from nearby villages. Although their Hindi is not fluent, we were able to communicate with little effort.

Access to park: The hotel offers service to book safari rides to National Park throughout the day as per Park guidelines.

Budget: The hotel is affordable and room rent is about 1500-2000 INR per night

Contact Information: +91 9678627546 (as per website)

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