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  • Chhattisgarh – Dakshina Kosala full of surprises

    Chitrakote Waterfalls

    Chhattisgarh – Our Tribal heritage There are many reasons for us – Indians to feel proud upon our country. Some of them are her natural beauty, her culture and heritage. Our varied cultures were (some are still) sustainable and designed according to the surrounding landscapes and biodiversity.  And when talking about cultures and sustainable lifestyle,  […]

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  • Offbeat Gujarat – Exploring Jessore, Balaram-Ambaji and Thol

    Grey Lag Geese, Stilt Pochard Shovellers

    Offbeat Gujarat Gir Forest area of Gujarat is state’s most popular national park and wildlife sanctuary. It is Asia’s only region providing natural habitat to Asiatic lions. But, did you know that state of Gujarat also has three other wildlife sanctuaries. Jessore Sloth bear, Balaram-Ambaji wildlife sanctuaries and Thol bird sanctuary in Gujarat have been […]

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  • Brahmaputra’s Kaziranga

    Greater One Horned Rhinoceros

    Wildlife can thrive beyond forest ecosystems. Different plants and animals are adapted to different habitat such as fresh as well as marine water, marshy lands, grasslands, alpines etc. Each habitat has its own beauty. We Indians are really very lucky to have almost all types of ecosystems and it is surely one of the many reasons […]

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  • The Emerald – Panna National Park, Madhya Pradesh

    Gemstones are one of those shiny materials that have fascinated mankind since ancient era. Our planet earth houses different kind of gemstones found in different geographies. One of them is The Emerald. India has emerald mines in Madhya Pradesh and the place is named after the same – Panna (local name for Emerald). Earlier, tourists were allowed to visit […]

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  • A Walk in the Woods

    Radhanagri Forest

    The article is written by botanist and naturalist Gauri Gurav. Having worked at World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF India), Gauri has expertise in bio-diversity (birds and plants species) and has extensive field experience in organizing nature camps. Currently, she runs her own venture Oikoessence. Gauri GuravGauri Gurav is a botanist and naturalist based out of […]