Bangalore Diaries – Natural beauty at door-step

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Bangalore is city of varied strokes. It is vibrant city of multitudes of colors. And the city offers variety of options for foodies. From spicy dosa of Vidhyarthi Bhawan to sugary sweet Chandra Kala of MTR, its restaurants cover full spectrum satisfying taste buds of everyone. It is also India’s Garden city with parks, small and large. And it has boulevards which cover in pink and red during spring and their green canopy provides soothing shelter year around.

It’s beauty spreads across its borders. It is surrounded by natural forests, waterfalls, culture and history within vicinity of hundred kilometers. Photographer and Ghumr for life Vineeth has captured various moods of Bangalore through his lenses. Let’s soak ourselves in different moods of the Garden City!

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Barachukki Falls – Natural Beauty at its doorstep

Barachukki Falls, Shivanasamudra

    Barachukki Falls, Shivanasamudra

Shivasamudra is a small island town in the Mandya District of the state of Karnataka. It is island town due to river Kaveri separating it from mainland of Karnataka. Located about 140 kms away, visit to Shivanasamudra Falls is perfect day trip from Bangalore. Especially during monsoon season from July to September, Bangaloreans flock this hidden gem. And they soak themselves in its fascinating beauty.

Shivanasamudra Falls is a segmented falls. The western branches of Kaveri river results in Gaganachukki Falls whereas eastern branches in Barachukki Falls. These two waterfalls together are amongst 100 best waterfalls in the world. Barachukki Falls are the more graceful and popular amongst two. The waterfall is a delightful sight to watch during the monsoon season. And it can be enjoyed from close quarters as there are shallow areas near the place where the water plunges.

An interesting way to watch the beauty of the waterfall is to take a coracle ride to the mouth of the magnificent waterfall. The mist formed from the water plunging from the cliff above is a great sight.

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