Fall in the Eastern Sierras, CA

  • Fall in Eastern Sierras

The Eastern Sierras are the east side of the Sierra Nevada region of California, USA. A few popular areas in this region include Mammoth, Bishop, Mono Lake to name a few. Californians (Northern Californians to be precise) are very outdoorsy in  nature. Hence, Sierras are very popular for outdoor activities ranging from skiing to rock climbing. Perhaps not as well known as for these above activities, the fall colors in this area is one of the best in California! Of course, it may be nothing like that of New Hampshire or Smoky Mountains on the east coast.

Fall offers monochromatic yellow hues which lightens up entire eastern Sierras. We devoted a weekend to simply do the 6 hour drive up there from Bay Area (Silicon Valley). And what did we do? While I soaked myself in nature’s imagery, my husband photographed the fall brilliance…….


Hues of Yellow

What we did on the trip - Point and Shoot!

What we did on the trip – Point and Shoot!

The results were simply mind-blowing

The results were simply mind-blowing!

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