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We have partnered with Oikoessence to conduct Nature Trails in and around Mumbai city. The trails are conducted on weekends and led by two experts in biodiversity, Dr Shreya and Gauri. We take pride in discovering trails which are relatively unexplored such as Godrej Mangroves or Vasai fort. Hence, they provide an unique experience to our participants and at the same time help in raising awareness amongst citizens about the natural and man-made heritage that surrounds them. Once we plan our next event, we will post it on this page.

Past Events and Testimonials (click on links):

About the leaders:

Two naturalists – Dr. Shreya and Gauri will be leading the walk. Both of them have been conducting such programs for more than eight years. This event is conducted through their joint venture – OikoEssence which is focused on creating awareness about environment around us.

Dr. Shreya is a true nature enthusiast. She has completed her Ph.D in ethanobotany and working in the field of environmental awareness for the last 13 years. She believes that  change is slow process but a strong step for better environment and education will certainly bring the change in lifestyles for adapting environmental friendliness.

Gauri is a botanist and naturalist based out of Mumbai. Having worked at World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF India), Gauri has expertise in bio-diversity (birds and plants species) and has extensive field experience in organizing nature camps. She is one of our popular writers. You can read about her nature camps here.

Oikoessence Overnight Tours

Oikoessence also organizes overnight eco-tours focused on environment/nature. Their complete schedule for upcoming tours are here