Golden sunset at Mahuli

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  • Sunset at Mahuli Fort

“Silence is golden…Listen to the sunset and you will hear God”

Sunset at Mahuli

Every photograph I shoot tries to convey my inner thoughts. When I clicked this golden sunset against the Mahuli fort silhouette, these were the thoughts that came to me. There is feeling of peace to watch sun’s rays passing through unique peaks of Mahuli fort in the silence of the evening. 

Mahuli is an ancient fort near Asangaon about 90 kms from Mumbai on Mumbai-Nashik highway. The best way to reach there is taking local train which is Kasara bound and get down at Asangaon station. Mahuli village is about 4 kms from the station. It is one of the favorite trekking destination of Mumbai hikers and can be hiked in a day (3 hours from Mahuli village) and has beautiful trails through dense forests. It is also the highest peak in Thane district (adjacent to Mumbai). The heritage fort also offers breathtaking views from the top. Moreover, it is a popular photography spot especially for the sunset hues one can capture against the peaks of Mahuli. That’s what brings me to Mahuli again and again. I frequently visit the area and indulge in photography over weekends. You can visit my other photos here


Sunset at Mahuli Fort
View of Mahuli Fort from the base


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