Make Music Denver!

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  • Make Music Denver
Make Music Denver

Make Music Denver

Denver is a beautiful city in the Rocky Mountains state of Colorado in the United States. It is nicknamed as Mile-High City because its official elevation is exactly one mile (1,610 m) above sea-level. It has a very active pop, jazz, jam, folk, and classical music scene, which has nurtured several artists and genres to regional, national, and even international attention. Well-known folk artists such as Bob Dylan, Judy Collins and John Denver lived in Denver at various points during this time, and performed at local clubs. 

The city holds ‘Make Music Denver’ festival annually with instruments for to play, workshops to learn, and performances to enjoy for free to everyone. I visited Denver city around the same time and was totally bowled over by the atmosphere.  Music has always played a part on Denver’s 16th Street Mall and the street housed nine grand pianos right in the middle of the road. Painted with bright, playful colors and natural motifs by local artists, the pianos  invite anyone to approach, sit down and play. And what surprised me was many people playing piano were actually homeless – wonder what experiences led them to this life in spite of such talented musicians!

Music is universal emotion which brings everyone together. And I think it’s a great initiative by the city government to create and share musical moments for us to cherish!

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