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We travelled to Mauritius in November, 2013 for 7 days. Our first memory of Mauritius is though not of the long stretches of sand or of the beautiful clear waters but one of our childhood favorite tv series – ‘The Stone Boy’. In reality though, most of our trip was just about lazying around in the resort beach at Belle Mare.

Stunning beaches

Awesome Lux Belle Mare

Activities that you should surely try

Sea-life at the shore


  1. Most of the resorts offer full inclusive package (includes food & drinks all round the clock). Go for it.
  2. Stay at the east coast. Sandier and more accessible beaches.
  3. There are plenty of water sports/activities that you should try. Approach the local vendors directly and not through the resort.
  4. Do try the submarine dive. Its quite a unique experience.
  5. Don’t exchange money from the resort; Do it at the airport or at the other exchange desks.
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