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Mumbai’s iconic Taj hotel is not just a monument but history etched in its every brick. Since its opening in 1903, it has been integral part of Mumbai (then Bombay) identity. Interestingly, Jamsedji Tata built it at the time of the great plague that had hit Bombay and devastated the city. He built it in defiance to this, so this city in shambles would have something to help resurrect it. It was built as a symbol of defiance against British prejudice as well as to reconstruct a devastated city.

Ever since, it holds a sense of pride among every Mumbaikar. To me, there was always a sense of aspiration to stay once or even have dinner once at the hotel. As a teenager, I believed I would have truly succeeded in life if I achieved either of two. Last year, me and my celebrated our wedding anniversary at Taj hotel. Of course, it does not make me  ‘successful’ because with time you grow and I realize vanity of my belief. But it still holds a sense of aspiration for me – to strive to attain timelessness as Taj – Jewel of Bombay.

Taj Hotel - Mumbai

Taj Hotel – Mumbai

For all Mumbaikars, here is a rare poem by British Wilfred Russell describing our very own Taj:
I saw it first from the deck of an Ellerman boat
A faint enamel etching on the dawn:
With a dome—my very first— which seemed to float
On the morning haze of a new life, still unborn.
Set down in the reclaimed land of old Colaba
You have seen an Empire rise and then decay,
As a great new city grew around the harbour
Outside the walls of Portugese Bombay.
Tatas and Wadias, Petits and Khataus,
Memories of America’s civil war;
Mahratta swords and homespun Congress ploughs
Inhabit each long and airy corridor.
The chromium plated Intercontinentals
And towering Hiltons stride on to the scenes
Of Yesterday’s memories
Brave and sentimental
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