12 Noteworthy Tips to Minimize Your Travel Expenses

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  • Looking for ways to minimize your travel expenses?

If your tedious routine and ‘nose to the grindstone’ job are making you climb the wall, then you are probably itching for a vacation. Thankfully with tour operators and banks offering easy and affordable credit options, people no longer need to pinch money and wait for months before they go on a trip. Whether you wish to travel domestic or overseas, travel loan is by far one of the most preferable options to finance your trips. For those who don’t know, travel loan is a variant of personal loan that is designed to meet the financial requirements of travellers. With lenders offering attractive travel or personal loan interest rates and offers, traveling especially at foreign locations has become a trend for millennials.

Although we have various credit options to fund a vacation but we must not take it for granted and use it within limits as what you borrow now has to be paid later with interest. In order to reduce debt stress, you need to be smart with money. To help you with the same, here are some tips that can help you save money when traveling.

Looking for ways to minimize your travel expenses?

Looking for ways to minimize your travel expenses?

Avoid Traveling during peak season

Avoid traveling during peak season as this is when people tend to travel the most thereby causing flights, accommodation and other things to be more expensive. Try to travel during off-season as then the place won’t be crowded too much with tourists. Also, things such as accommodation and transportation will be relatively cheaper. Our best tip is to schedule travel just a couple of weeks before or after peak season.

Avoid Weekends for flying

When booking a flight, avoid weekends to travel as these are the days on which people often choose to travel. Also, on weekends air tickets are more expensive than usual. The best days to fly to any destination are from Tuesday to Thursday, i.e., mid-week. On these days you can get air tickets at cheap rates and thereby save money.

Book in Advance

Those who are planning to take a flight must book their flight tickets a few weeks in advance. Doing so not only saves you from last minute hustle but also helps in saving money. Furthermore, book for a round trip instead of one-way journey as airlines tend to give discounts on round-trip tickets.

Schedule your departure at night

If your travel time exceeds 8 hours, schedule your departure at night. Whether you are traveling by plane, train or bus, traveling at night will save the cost of one night accommodation. Once you reach the destination in the morning, it will also give an entire day for exploring and visiting the place.

Rent an apartment

Staying at a place for more than a week? Rent an apartment. Renting an apartment is a lot cheaper than staying in hotels. Moreover, a rental apartment will make you feel more comfortable and at home in whichever city you’re traveling to. Another thing to note is that at most places weekly apartment rentals are more expensive than monthly apartment rentals so if are staying for longer go for the latter.

Stay in hostels or guesthouses

It is needless to say that accommodations are quite expensive. It constitutes a majority of your travel expense. If you are staying at a place for short duration, say up to a week, stay in hostels or guesthouses instead of hotels. Staying in the outskirts or far from posh areas can also help you save a lot of money.

Research free activities

Many people don’t know this but most cities have a few activities which you can take part in and enjoy without spending a single coin. Check if the location where you’re planning to go have such free activities. For instance, if you are in Madrid, you can visit the capital’s popular museums for free at different times over the weekend. Besides visiting museum, you can also visit parks, catch a magnificent sunset or sunrise, stroll at a beach or watch movie screenings in local cafes and hostels for free.

Use Public Transport

Instead of taking a private taxi, use public transport such as buses, minivans and trains to get around. Public transport is not only a great way to save money, but also to see a place and know people and their culture. If available, you can have a daily pass for public transport where you pay for the ticket once and you can commute for the whole day.

Get insider tips

Talk to locals and get insider tips. For instance, instead of going to expensive malls for shopping, you can ask locals about markets where you can buy clothes, trinkets or souvenirs at inexpensive rates. You can also ask them about what something should cost and where to go as they won’t get caught in tourist traps like you might.

Eat local food

Rather than eating at expensive restaurants, eat where the locals eat. Street food and small food joints serve you more mouth-watering and authentic food at cheap rates. Furthermore, eating at a food stall where you notice a few people in the waiting line is better than eating at a restaurant where there is no one other than you. As compared to the latter, the former place is less likely to make you sick.

Buy city cards

City tourism cards are yet another way to save money. Depending on the card, you can get free entry to popular tourist attractions and discounts at restaurants and shops, free public transportation and other leverages. The card may be worth the money if you plan to stay long and have a lot on your itinerary.

Carry Forex Card

Carrying multi-currency forex card can help you make your travel experience convenient and less expensive. You just need one of these cards to make hassle-free payments at multiple destinations. It protects you from currency fluctuations and offers special travel deals. Before availing such card, see that its program and benefits aligns with your requirements.

Travelling isn’t easy as it requires a lot of preparation and consideration. From arranging visa to booking flight tickets to seeking affordable accommodations, travelling requires careful planning and most of all money. A nice family trip can cost you from INR 50k to a few lakhs of rupees. Unless you have planned well and saved well in advance, you’re going to have a lot of problems especially when traveling abroad. This is why one needs to save money wherever possible. Hope the tips given above will help you save while you travel.

Road beckons! - Take your next vacation!

Road beckons! – Take your next vacation today!!

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